A Clubhouse for a Vibrant Senior’s Community

CEL is proud to have completed the entire structural design for the entire Wellings of Winchester development, a blooming retirement community a short drive south of Ottawa. At the center of this community is the Clubhouse, the focal point which will provide residents with access to classes, shared amenities, healthcare, and more. The Clubhouse is a special building to CEL as it was our first building designed in the true Californian style – large, sweeping windows with long, thin cantilevered roof overhangs.

To meet the Architect’s demanding aesthetics, CEL made use of clever framing techniques and modern engineered-timber materials. To satisfy the seismic criteria, our engineering staff designed multiple timber shear walls in such a way that they are spread out over the footprint of the building and able to be hidden in plain sight.

Elsewhere on the development, CEL provided value-engineering, identifying areas and methods of improvement with respect to existing designs to facilitate construction, lower erection costs, and create more resilient structures.